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That film was released by Roland Joffé in 2001. It is possible to buy it on DVD or on VHS in different languages. The playtime of the film is 99 minutes + 25 minutes of Bonusmaterials on DVD

It's 1671, and the King of France, Louis XIV, is looking for a general to carry war to the insufferably insolent Dutch. One of his nobles, the Prince de Condé, wants the job, thinking such royal favor will relieve his chronic impoverishment. The Prince's strategy to entice the sovereign's attention is ... well, to throw a lavish party, of course. VATEL is Condé's master of the kitchen and entertainment planner for the big event, for which the King, his Queen, and a large coterie of sycophants will descend upon the Prince's country estate to be lavishly fed, housed, and amused for several days. The expense and bother of it all will be staggering.

The best elements of this outstanding film are the opulent costuming and production design. Indeed, the culmination to the King's entertainment is a sensational "live event" that is itself an eye-popping spectacle within a spectacle. Depardieu gives a bravura performance as the over-worked, hard-pressed and self-sacrificing major domo struggling to make his boss look good on a shoestring budget.

That film is not very "historical" as many details are missed or replaced by "better-looking-ones", but I would recommend that film to everybody who is interested in Louis XIV age. Although the costumes have an "oriental-touch" and history didn't let us to know much about Vatel (so everything you see about him in that film is fiction), but the film is very very very beautiful and will make every 17th-century-admirer happy.


Louis XIV    

    Julian Sands


    Murray Lachlan young

Marie-Therese (Queen)    

    Nathalie Cerda


    Gérard Depardieu

Anne de Montausier    

    Uma Thurman

Prince de Conde    

    Julian Glover

Marquis de Lauzun    

    Tim Roth

Louise de la Vallière    

    Emilie Ohana

Athenais de Montespan    

    Marine Delterme


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