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Le Roi Danse

That film was released by Gérard Corbiau ("Le Maitre de Musique" and "Farinelli" for which he received his second Oscar nomination for best Foreign Film in 1995) in 2001. It is possible to buy it on DVD (only in French) or on VHS (French, German and maybe some other languages). The playtime of the film is 112 minutes + 40 minutes of Bonusmaterials on DVD

The film is more about Lully and music at the court of Louis XIV than about Louis XIV himself. A little bit strange film by Gérard Corbiau.


Louis XIV    

    Benoit Magimel


    Boris Terral


    Tcheky Karyo

Anne of Austira    

    Colette Emmanuelle

Louis XIV young    

    Emil Tarding

Mme de Montespan    

    Ingrid Rouif

Marie-Therese (Queen)    

    Veronique Maille


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