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Royal Affaires in Versailles (Si Versailles m'était conté)

Original title:

That film is not only about Louis XIV. It starts with the rign of Louis XIII and shows us several senturies of life in Versailles. The film runns 170 minutes.

An epic look at 300 years of royal doings at the palace of Versailles, including the various amorous and political intrigues of three French kings. With Jean Marais, Claudette Colbert -- and Orson Welles as Benjamin Franklin!
Sacha Guitry's "Si Versailles M'Etait Conte" (If Versailles Were Told to Me) is best known by its American title "Royal Affairs in Versailles". In addtion to writing and directed the film, Guitry reserves for himself the plum role of Louis XIV. Concentrating on the palace of Versailles over a period of 300 years, the storyline concentrates on the various amorous and political intrigues of three French kings. The plot manages to wend its way through the French revolution, coming to a halt in "the present". The star-studded supporting cast includes Jean Marais as Louis XV, Claudette Colbert as Mme. Montespan, Micheline Presle as Mme. Pompadour, and, best of all, Orson Welles as a gouty Ben Franklin.


Sacha Guitry

Louis XIV

Jean Marais

Louis XV

Michel Auclair

Jacques Damien

Jean-Pierre Aumont

Cardinal de Rohan

Georges Marchal

Louis XIV as a Young Man

Jean-Louis Barrault

Francois Fenelon

Claudette Colbert

Mme. de Montespan

Micheline Presle

Mme. du Pompadour

Axel de Fersen

Orson Welles

Benjamin Franklin

Lana Marconi

Marie Antoinette

Fernand Gravey

Jean Moliere

Gaby Morlay

Countess de la Motte

Jean Murat


Lucien Nat


Claude Nollier

Countess de Soissons


Gilles Queant

Jean Racine

Phillipe Richard

King Louis-Phillippe

Louis Seigner

Antoine Lavoisier

Charles Vanel

M. de Vergennes

Jacques Varennes

Jean Baptiste Colbert

Howard Vernon

The English Buyer

Jacques Berthier

Maximillien de Robespierre

Pierre Larquey

Museum Guard

Marie Mansart

Mme. de Kerlor

Martine Alexis

Mme. de Nouchy

Jean-Louis Allibert

Le Vau

Nicole Maurey

Mlle. de Fontanges

Edith Piaf

Woman of the people

Nicole Courcel

Mme. de Chalis

France Delahalle

A Woman of the Court

Jean-Jacques Delbo

M. de la Motte

Louison Chabray

Jean Desailly


Renee Devillers

Mme. Campan

Bernard Dheran

Pierre Beaumarchais

Samson Fainsilber

Cardinal Mazarin

Robert Favart

M. de Carlene

Tania Fedor

Marie Leczinska

Jacques Francois


Roger Gaillard


Jean Collinet

Gilbert Gil

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Pauline Carton

The Neighbor

Gino Cervi

Alessandro de Cagliostro

Georges Chamarat

La Fontaine


A Revolutionary

Brigitte Bardot

Mlle. de Rosille

Olivier Mathot


Jacques Morel


Constant Remy

M. de La Reynie

Gaston Rey

Henri IV

Raymond Souplex


Jean Chevrier

Marshal Turenne

Jean Richard

Du Croisy

Jeanne Boitel

Mme. de Sevigne

Tino Rossi


Louis Arbessier

Louis XIII

Yves Deniaud

A Peasant

Emile Drain

Emperor Napoleon I, Napoleon Bonaparte

Christian Duvaleix

A Buyer

Jeanne Fusier-Gir

A Revolutionary


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the image of Louis XIV in the menu is taken from PC-Game "Versailles II" created by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. See the description of that game under "Software" for more information.