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Le Roi Soleil

A new musical was released in France in 2005. The musical is called "Le Roi Soleil", what means "The Sun king" and it is about Louis XIV and his life (mostly about his love-life).
The very first single (and a video) was released in the end of 2004, but the musical itself started on 22. September 2005 in Paris at the "Palais des Sports".

In that musical there are 7 main actors: - Louis XIV,
- his brother Philippe (called Monsieur),
- three (of four) Louis' main Maitresses (Maria Manchini - Louis' first love; Madame de Montespan, Madame de Maintenon). Louise de Vaillere is missed in the musical.
- Duc de Beaufort - he was a bastard grandson of the french king Henry IV and was one of the important persons during Fronde.
- Isabelle. Isabelle is a fictive person, who presents common people in the musical. Common people had very hard life during Louis' rign, so Isabelle is a person, who tries to bring the world behind the royal court to attention of the audience.

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Enjoy the fotos, I shot them on 26.11.2005 and on 28.12.2005 in Palais des Sports in Paris, so all the fotos are copyrighted by me and I don't allow to use them on any other site!


Louis XIV - Emmanuel Moire
Monsieur - Christophe Mae
Le Duc de Beaufort - Merwan Rim
Marie Mancini - Anne-Laure Girbal
Madame de Montespan - Lysa Ansaldi
Francoise de Aubigne (Madame de Maintenon) - Cathialine Andria
Isabelle - Victoria Petrosillo


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the image of Louis XIV in the menu is taken from PC-Game "Versailles II" created by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. See the description of that game under "Software" for more information.