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The name of Bourbon comes from a town in France (called Bourbon-L'Archambault from the name of an early lord) and the region around it, the Bourbonnais.

The castle of Bourbon-L'Archambault is also the family estate and the cradle of the Bourbon family.

Unfortunately only small parts of that castle still exist. The castle was destroyed during the french revolution, then sold as a quarry.

on that map you can see the plan of the castle (black lines) as it once was. Only grey parts exist today.

Bourbon l'Archambault is a town with a prestigious name. From Henry IV, the Bourbon family would hold the throne of France, and, still today, its name is associated with several European reigning branches.

The spa town of the Bocage bourbonnais can be proud to be the birthplace of the

Source of the text above: official site of Bourbon l'Archambault


See that very good article (French) at Wikipedia on the early lords of the castle:
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